Tuesday, February 24, 2009


okkayy...so on being tagged here i am writing down 25 random things about myself...though i can't see a reason why on earth would anybody be interetsed in reading my stupid blabberings,but stilll here goes
1.i love black...actually i am obsessed with black be it the colour or characters.
2.i can't forgive not forget...specially myself.
3.i am utterly confused.
4.i practically love two names-aditya and siddharth one for reasons best known to me and the other because i just like the sound of it.
5.this tagging is a pain in the ass.i can't think of anything else.
6.i had a strange habit.i used to imagine myself as characters from books.i still do.
7.daydreaming sustains me.
8.i am nuts about nuts.
9.ccd was once a home to me and a friend of mine,all our pnpc used to happen there.i miss our haunt.
10.suddenly i realise writing down 25 things about myself is not as random as i thot it would be.
11.i would have loved to have been born in egypt.the barren deserts fascinates me.
12.i so do want to go for a trek amidst jungles and mountains.
13.benaras was an experience of a lifetime,i would love to go back.
14.a few smell s make me lose my senses.
15.i absolutely love dresses...i think they are gorgeous.
16.i adore kohl lined eyes.
17.recently i have developed a fetish for ballerinas.
18.i have terrible mood swings.
19.at times i can be strangely indifferent to people i care about.
20.i can eat drink and sleep on books.
21.i severely lack patience.
22.sometimes i miss having boys cut hair...i would love to go back to those days.
23.thank goodnesss,just 2 more to go.
24.the bhukkar i am,i love gorging on chocolate fantasy.
25.i was learning not to trust people,i failed miserably i don't know whether to be happy or sad!!

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